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You already know how to "Think Like a Lawyer."
Now it's time you learned to think like a CEO so you can finally:

  • Scale the 6-foot ladder and surpass the million-dollar mark 
  • ​Delegate a team so you can take time away from the firm without worrying about everything falling apart while you are gone
  • ​Create financial freedom so you can travel and pursue other interests– without being tied down to your law firm
  • ​Secure your future financial freedom

Because if you are done with:

  • Doing all the do’s in your business
  • ​Capping your income and mental bandwidth
  • ​Feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, and stressed as a solo or small firm lawyer
  • ​Lacking the resources, systems and income you need to live your best life

Then this FREE training is for YOU.

“Red bottom shoes are great, but there’s nothing better than not having
to worry about your bills or feeling secure in your financial future.”

Hi, I’m Davina!

For almost a decade, I’ve coached and mentored hundreds of women law firm owners to increase their revenue (and profits!) by 30, 40, 50…even 250%!

And, I firmly believe:

There’s a way to build wealth that doesn’t require sacrificing every single minute of every day to the altar of your business.

Because everything changed once I unlocked the secrets to a systems-driven business which has resulted in me building true wealth while working a hell of a lot less.

Sure... I made great money with my first law firm business, but at a great cost to my health and happiness.

For the second go around?

By shifting major limiting beliefs around money, work, and doing everything myself…

I finally experienced the combination of freedom and financial security true wealth provides.

And now, I teach my systems to other women law firm owners!

Why? I want us to…

  • Rise to the top on our own terms
  • Accumulate wealth without burning out
  • Build legacies doing what we love

I want us to show all the up-and-coming daughters and granddaughters that there’s a way to wealth without surrendering every single minute of every day to others.

To this date, I’ve successfully helped numerous women law firm owner clients not only scale their law firm businesses to and through $1M; but, more importantly, I’ve done so in a way that allows them to only work 3 to 4 days a week “in” their businesses, freeing up lots of time for self-care, family and friends, and other interests.

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“As an entrepreneur and business owner, I felt supported for the first time–like I had a business partner who had been to business school and had the keys and recipes for success. My revenue has increased, and now I have a solid system in place for growth. Thank you, Davina.”

 - Crystal Hayes Fields, Esq.

Don’t let another year pass you by and barely see any revenue growth…
Instead have predictable finances and the security that you can pay a team to assist you.

 Get to 7 Figures Faster with My Proven $1M
Law Firm Growth Roadmap!

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